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Today we will talk about all the details of the site, I wish I could have benefited
Earn Coins
you can earn coins, just click to button (Earn Coins) And Leave the counter Collecting the coins, After that browsing the sites the system will add coins to your account

Buy Coins
The site currently supports Paypal

You can buy coins with Good prices beginning 1 dollar Or you can buy other Pack, Whenever the value of the package was the most expensive whenever the value of the coins Cheaper, You can see the price of the pack With price coins in the page (Page Link does not work, but / login in your account)

VIP Membership
you may Use some Option Like (Hide traffic source - Daily bonus coins - Lucky Wheel Price - Change gender and country - Free monthly coins - Transfer.Coins - Hide ads from website )

Transfer Coins
This process enables to send coins TO YOUR FRIENDS, ( You can only send coins to another member that you are available on VIP )

You may profit more coins and money with (affiliate program)

Quickly Calculated profits

500 coins for each user that signs up to site

$0.1 for each user that signs up to site

50% from money spent by your referrals, on site

Lucky Wheel game
This game, which is available at the site for free, you can try your luck and The game is available on the ( WIN 0.10$ - WIN 1 DAY VIP - WIN 200 COINS - YOU'VE LOST - WIN 0.05$ - WIN 2 DAY VIP - WIN 300 COINS )

You can experience the game, just bought a lottery card and wait for your luck

It is a daily gift, Profit may visit other sites and Take a daily gift ( You can see more details, because you must visit a number of sites to be able to profit from the daily gift)

Coupon Code
It is a coupon from the administration and may coins or vip

There are details of an example, the last 10 coupon activated and every one that has a content and no box to enter the coupon and the press of a button Submit

Banner Ads
You can create a Your Free banner In The Website to your site or Other pages and cost (coins) With Your picture It is uploaded from your device For Get More Traffic, You can choose between 7 days or 15 days or even 30 days

withdraw money
You may transfer coins to money, Received money with paypal BANK Only coins in your Account

My Websites
You can view all the sites On one page Published by the site and see the status of each page

Add Page
On this page you can add your web pages you want to publish link with the addition of Page and the page name

Payment Proofs
On this page you can watch all the proof of payment with the user name and the time of payment with a picture of proof

My Account
You can view all the information registered in the website and that you want to change some information, such as your password or username

That you had some questions for the site, you'll find all the answers you're looking for with more details

Contact Us
That it had some queries that are not found in the pages ( FAQ ) With ease and welcome you can send us any questions and you can write in the box with your email - We will answer your question as soon as possible

As promised in the title of the article free coupon available (New members)

coupon CODE: 4627-7627-5091-1806 (1000 coins)

Valid to 9000 new member

Each underlined words, are the pages
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